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I know, I know, writing about a game 18 months after it launched is bloody stupid, but people are still playing it (?!)  and I just wanted to share with you what's happening! 

RETRO ACHIEVEMENTS ADDED: If you play using an emulator, either on your laptop, or an Anbernic style device (like me! hi!), RetroAchievements are a fun way of adding additional features to ROMS you already own. Massive thanks to LordAndrew who recently added this feature for There's Nothing To Do In This Town. All the details are here, and the site also talks you through how to use this feature if you've never played with RetroAchievements before: 

SPEEDRUNNERS DO SPEEDRUNNING: Who knew that a lesbian-love-story-zombie-dystopia would be the thing that speedrunners would want to speedrun? Well it is and they've all been sharing their times. Again, this is a totally user-created thing, started by Laika. Big thanks! Here's the details if you want to try to beat the current record of 3m 32s 300ms, set  by AmnesiaSilence: 

STREAMING AND YOUTUBES: A few streamers and content creators have picked up the game for variety streams, and I always see an influx of new players when they do, so big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to record themselves playing. My favourite so far has been Kate and Price's anarchic play-through here: 

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