There's Nothing To Do In This Town is a short RPG for the original Nintendo Game Boy set in a dystopian present featuring music snobs, zombies, and alcoholic parents. 

Available either as a Game Boy ROM for you to download to play on an emulator or flash cartridge, or here in your browser as an HTML5 game. Works pretty well in most phone browsers too.

You can play it through in under an hour. 

Inspired by my crushing depression and written during the 2020 lockdown (but before the 2020 zombie apocalypse).

Written by, and including two original chiptune pieces by donotrunwithpixels, aka Simeon Smith.

Created thanks to beautiful open tools such as GBstudio and Milkytracker. 


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This Town - Game Boy ROM for emulator or flash cart 1 MB


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I don't know if its because i'm bad at video games or something but i can't figure out what to do.

never mind i figured it out

Nice game. I got stuck a few times but was able to figure it out


Love the bin =))


This was so fun and with a great art style.

thanks for the encouragement! 

Lolz the gramps was one of the testers:)

Really cool game! The plot was easy to follow so there was no confusion when playing, which was often the case with gameboy games rip. The art style is very cool, but not overwhelming or distasteful as for the player not to understand what's what. The characters had a lot of personality despite the simplicity o the game, and the writing was overall immersive (laughed my ass off when I read the last objective)

Overall a very cool, funny, lighthearted short game:)

ps bec+tia 4ever <3


neat and clever use of same areas. <3


I cant really move in the game, it wont let me and I'm pretty upset about this because I'm guessing its a nice game from reading this comments and I'm not able to play this nice game :/

you should be able to use the arrow keys in most browsers, or the d-pad if you’re using a mobile device or gameboy. 



thanks! :D 


really awesome work, dude. +rep (x100)


👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 jogo incrível, gostaria de mais maravilhas como essa... Eu amei



Very cool little game, love the art and whole feel of the game could definitely imagine a much larger game in this style. Will follow to see what you come up with next.


Hey!, Love the theme of the page, as well as the game design! We're interested in doing an interview with you for "There's Nothing To Do In This Town", as well as an editorial article. Please get in touch via our profile if interested. Many thanks!


Thanks! I'll drop you an email.